Synopsis of research interests


My research interests are in empirical macroeconomics: structural modelling; estimation of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models; computational techniques; forecasting; open economy macroeconomics; and crypto-currencies.


Work in progress

PhD thesis

Published papers


Migration and business cycle dynamics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 109, joint with Christoph Thoenissen, .


Crypto-currencies -- an introduction to not-so-funny moneys, Journal of Economic Surveys, 32(5), 1531-1559, joint with Aaron Kumar,


Financial frictions and the role of investment specific technology shocks in the business cycle, Economic Modelling, 51, 571-582, joint with Güneş Kamber and Christoph Thoenissen,

Applying an inflation targeting lens to macroprudential policy 'institutions', International Journal of Central Banking, joint with Güneş Kamber and Özer Karagedikli,

Comments on: Effectiveness of macroprudential and capital flow measures in Asia and the Pacific, BIS Papers,


New Zealand's macroeconomic imbalances -- causes and remedies: Guest editors' introduction, New Zealand Economic Papers, 47(1), 1-7, April, joint with Viv Hall and John Janssen,


Does forecast combination improve Norges Bank inflation forecasts? Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics,, joint with H. Bjørnland, K. Gerdrup, A.-S. Jore & L.A. Thorsrud.

Local linear impulse responses for a small open economy, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics,, joint with Alfred A. Haug.

Weights and pools for a Norwegian density combination, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 22(1), 61-76, joint with Hilde Bjørnland, Karsten Gerdrup, Anne-Sofie Jore & Leif Anders Thorsrud, .

Open economy forecasting with a DSGE-VAR: head to head with the RBNZ published forecasts, International Journal of Forecasting, 27(2), 512-528, joint with Kirdan Lees and Troy Matheson,


RBCs and DSGEs: the computational approach to business cycle theory and evidence, Journal of Economic Surveys, 24(1), 113-136, joint with Troy Matheson, Özer Karagedikli and Shaun Vahey,

Unpublished papers