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Curriculum vitae: Christie Smith CV

As of May 2019, I am a Senior Economist at the Electricity Authority in the Market Design Team. Previously, I was the Manager-Research in the Economics Department of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, working in various roles at the Bank for twenty years. (I left twice, to work at the Bank of Papua New Guinea and Norges Bank.)

I am married to Victoria, and I have three school-age children whose first initials are conveniently A, B, and C: Girl-Boy-Girl.

I am descended from the Allans, Andersons, Dickies, Duffields, Hamptons, Jensens, Rossiters, Smiths, Whites, and of course others. Historically, my family lived in South Otago (or Southland) and Canterbury, and Nelson. My parents moved to Wellington in 1974, and I have lived in Wellington most of my life.

Victoria and I own a 31 foot Davidson, which is nearly as old as I am. (Tragically our beloved Hilux was stolen, and replaced with something newer.) In my spare time, such as it is, I cycle, run, play squash, sail, and build my stitch-and-glue kayak. (The kayak is inching towards completion.)

I have travelled in Australia, South East Asia, India, Europe, and the United States. I have lived for a year or more in the United States, Papua New Guinea, and Norway.